New York: Day One

After a fantastic time in London, me and the bf went to New York City for a week and then Walt Disney World for a long weekend! It was my first time going anywhere outside of Europe, so it was super exciting!


London Photographs

millennium bridge
A few extra photographs from our wonderful trip to London. It was brilliant getting to live in London for two weeks, as I was on a work placement I got a real feel for what living in London would actually be like.


Covent Garden, London

covent garden
On our Sunday in London we decided to go to Covent Garden as it was a beautiful sunny day. 


Borough Market and Tate Gallery, London

borough market london
While in London we had a weekend to fill, so on Saturday we went to Tate Modern, on our way we found Borough Market. A cute little food market under a train bridge next to a cathedral. We couldn’t stop ourselves from getting a scotch egg and sweet potato chips which were so tasty.


Big Fish Placement, London

I got the wonderful opportunity to go on a work placement at Big Fish in London for 2 weeks. It was a brilliant experience, I learnt a lot, got lots of tips to put towards my own work and it opened my eyes to how a design agency works. They create some incredible work in a beautiful part of London which was lovely to work in for 2 weeks. More about what I got up to in London soon!