Promo Postcards

gouache painted typography with bright colours
envelope with illustrated postcards

These are some postcards I’ve been sending out to publishers and art directors, using my recent painted illustrations of portraits and wildlife. I also really enjoyed hand drawing some typography to create an info side. I found some on-brand envelopes and spent time hand writing the addresses, they turned out lovely and I’ve had some really encouraging responses from them so far.


Ladies of Nature Illustrations

gouache illustration of a lady combined with nature and ram features
gouache illustration of a lady combined with nature and owl featuresgouache illustration of a lady combined with cat ears and a starry background
I’ve been busy creating another collection of personal illustrations, Ladies of Nature. Bringing together ladies and breathtaking wildlife and nature. I really wanted more practice with painting portraits and combining them wit animals created a wonderful combination. I used features from rams, owls, cats, snakes and deers. These will hopefully be making their way to my shop soon!

 To see the full collection check my portfolio!


A Little Nordic Illustrations

Since graduating I’ve been creating my own online shop to sell my illustrations. I’ve spent time learning how to use gouache paint which I’ve fallen in love with for it’s lovely smooth texture to paint with and matt finish. It’s been a material I’ve always wanted to have a play with. I learnt the hard way that it often drys darker that intended.

I created illustrations inspired by my trip to Scandinavia last year, I fell in love with the colourful buildings, clean sophisticated design and breathtaking nature. The collection is called A Little Nordic and includes traditional wooden houses and sleek townhouses from across the countries, typical Scandinavian wildlife and the famous fjords and mountains.

If you’re interested in any of the illustrations, please do take a look at my store Delightful Lines.


Copenhagen, Denmark

I went on a two week long trip around Scandinavia, it was an absolutely incredible place. With lots of hiking, cycling, eating, fjords and cities. We started in Copenhagen, Denmark. An absolutely beautiful city, with open roads, colourfully painted buildings and hanging street lamps.


Finishing University!

Just a quick update to say I’ve graduated university! I achieved a first in Graphic Communication, which I’m super happy about. (Find my final year work at my new website!) I was also awarded the Student of the Year Award in the Lara Awards, which was such an unreal experience.
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