Walt Disney World: Day Three

disney tangled tower

Our last day was spent in Magic Kingdom, It was fantastic to be back in this park and this time we were welcomed by the Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Parade.


Walt Disney World: Day Two

epcot disney spaceship
On our second day we went to Epcot! We were welcomed by the huge sphere which got us excited for a different style of theme park.


Packaging and Branding Work

It's about time I show you my design work from before Christmas!


Walt Disney World: Day One

disney world orlando castle pink blue
I’m a huge Disney fan and this was my first visit to Disney World and only my second time to a Disney park so I was pretty damn excited! After a 2am get up (to catch our flight down to Orlando) we got straight into the Disney spirt right at the airport. As we were staying in a holiday we got to use Disney’s Magical Express bus to take us to our hotel. It even played old Mickey cartoons which was so nostalgic and got me really excited. The roads in Orlando were huge, with huge spaces in-between everything and wonderfully colourful buildings. It definitely had the feeling of a tropical place with the palm trees and super thick grass. Our coach driver pointed out the entrance and we were in!


New York: Photographs Two

Heres the final photographs from New York City! In the next few weeks I have lots of posts ready with Disney World, London and more recently Bath. I'll also be showing off my designs from the first term of my final uni year, which I'm really pleased with! Hope you're all having a lovely Christmas break, I sure am!