New York: Photographs

new york city new yorker sign red high line view building
Here’s some more photographs from New York City! I took so many and just had to share some more with you as it’s such a gorgeous city!


New York Day Six: Empire State Building and The Lion King

new york city empire state building tree lamp sunny light
We were off to the Empire Statue Building on our 6th day. Going up the Empire State was much quicker than we expected, only taking about an hour, much less queuing than the Eiffel Tower.


New York Day Five: 5th Avenue

new york city tiffany and co building flagship store architecture 5th avenue
Day 5 we went to the MOMA a commentary art museum (which is in the pervious post) and explored 5th Avenue! We first went through the Rockefeller Center from our tube, which was so golden inside! Which I was surprised to see was the same as the Empire State Building.


New York: MOMA

Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night blue swirls sweeping expressive nature
While in New York we visited The Museum of Modern Art which had some amazing well known artists. With only a short visit we concentrated on the permeant levels.